Mont Ventoux, Provence

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the Vaucluse County. It is the first mountain in the lead up to the Alps and is most renowned for being a major leg in the Tour de France.

Mt Ventoux, Vaucluse

I’ve watched friends cycle up it (as I park on the roadside and give an encouraging cheer) and friends skateboard down it (not at all recommended!). I’ve hiked to the summit through the night and slept on the hill side to watch the sun rise over Provence. However you can easily drive to the summit but try to use your engine breaking as, trust me, you don’t want to be sniffing burning rubber on the way down the mountain side!

From Mont Serein station you can go on some beautiful walks and discover the birdlife and flora and in winter there is a small, inexpensive ski station with stunning wintery views over the Alps. This week we are going sledging, the week after skiing the week after that, snowboarding.

Something a bit different…

Try out some of these activities whilst visiting the Mont Ventoux.

  • Ventoux Aventure: Assault course and zip lining in the woods -for young and…older. There is a restaurant on-site and a lake right on its doorstep. Take a picnic and don’t forget the fishing net, bucket and spade
  • Ventoux Vertical: Canyoning, rock climbing, river hiking, via cordata, via ferrata (ages 7+)
  • Rent a bike from Malaucène or Bédoin and cycle…as far as you can.
  • Go on a nature excursion
  • Early riser or night owl? Choose from the sunrise hike or the sunset hike
  • Sniff out truffles on a winter hike
  • In winter months go on a snowshoeing excursion

Stay at the base of Mont Ventoux

There are some stunning villas to rent all year round in the Ventoux region. Organise your fairy-tale wedding at the Domaine des Dentelles, Book your medieval, family holiday at Le Barroux, find a village villa at the base of Mont Ventoux or stay in a villa surrounded by the best vineyards the Côte de Rhône has to offer.

Contact us for more details or have a look at our other beautiful properties.

How to get to the base of Mont Ventoux

Train: Avignon (45 mins)

Plane: Avignon (40 mins). Marseille (1:15 mins)

Car: See map