Truffle Duck Sushi

Truffle Duck Sushi for (2-3) persons.

  • Prepare sushi rice balls 3 hours in advance and store in the fridge
  • Take a magret de canard (duck breast) and trim off the fat from the sides, keeping the thick under layer
  • Thinly, preslice the breast just to the thick layer of fat
  • Heat the pan then fry the breast, fat side down, on a very low heat for 12 minutes. Turn the breast over and cook for 6-7 minutes. Check between the slices that the meat is rosé in colour
  • Add just a spot of truffle oil on the rice. Cut the breast fully into its slices and place over each ball of rice. You need to do this quickly as to keep the hot/cold contrast. Place sliced, or shavings of, truffles and sprinkle a little fleur du sel (aromatic salt) and pepper

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Bon appétit! …The Truffle Duck Sushi is not so secret anymore!

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